Our Mission

ID Crypt Global has the desire to provide a digital identity platform, that empowers people and businesses, worldwide, to take control of their personal data.

Our Essence

ID Crypt Global believes in a Self-Sovereign Identity that promotes verified, immutable, secure and trusted claims, empowering complete control and management for identity owners.

Our Promise

ID Crypt Global is promising to issue digital identities that businesses can depend on for accuracy, KYC, Sanction Screening, AML, Fraud Detection and PEP identification. While always protecting the privacy of the Identity owner.

Our Vibe

ID Crypt Global stands out from the crowd. We have an alliance of Industry specialists working within our team. We are ALL ROCKSTARS From Tech to Business Development, we dream it- we challenge it – working together to disrupt the Digital Identity space and every day reinvent what’s possible.

Try our demo app now

The Id Vault demo app is in development and will be on its way soon to soon to help secure and protect your identity.