Face to Face customer verification

Our Identity Verify solution uniquely allows your business to cryptographically verify a customer's identity face to face. Our solution allows your customer to quickly prove their identity, or specific claims about their identity, in seconds, claims such as their age, ownership of an account or qualifications they hold.

The Verify solution brings new levels of KYC confidence to face to face interactions. By utilising cryptographic identity proof technology, the Verify solution delivers total confidence in the data being presented.

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How it works

Download and install the IDC Verify App for a mobile device. Follow the simple setup instructions and configure what identity information you wish to verify face to face with your customer. You're now good to go, all complete in just 120 seconds.

When you need to Verify an identity or their claims, simply scan their presented QR code and wait for the cryptographically verified data to be presented on your mobile device. Data will include an image of the identity owner, so that you can visually confirm the identity holder.

The Verify app ensures you only request the data that you really need, always ensuring compliance with privacy regulations, such as GDPR. Our Identity solutions and Verify leverage Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, ensuring that only the data required is ever exposed.

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Secure Audit for total compliance

If your business requires the ability to prove that it has checked an identity or claims about an identity, in a face-to-face situation, then simply subscribe to the Verify solution Audit function. The Verify Audit function takes a copy of a presented cryptographic proof and secures it in a dedicated audit store. This function allows your business to present to investigators, auditors or to the Police, cryptographic identity proofs, proving that your business has met its identity checking obligations. This audit functionality may also aid your business in any criminal investigation or prosecution services.

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Our Authentication pricing models are simple.
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Verify AuditPay a monthly flat fee based on the volume of audit data to be stored.
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