KYC. FinCrime and AML

Our identity solutions mark a paradigm shift in how you tackle KYC, AML, Risk, Compliance and Financial Crime. As part of our identity solutions, an identity comes complete with a full Risk profile, be that identity an individual, business, charity, vessel, or aircraft. This means KYC, Sanctions, PEPs, RCAs, AML, Adverse Media is all complete and available to your business immediately. Speed up your customer onboarding and make KYC/AML/FinCrime risk assessments immediately, creating a fast and seamless onboarding experience for you and your customers.
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KYC + AML Onboarding

By linking a complete risk profile to a digital identity, our Identity solutions use the power of AI-driven AML and FinCrime risk detection to reduce false positives by over 70% and shorten your onboarding cycle time by over 50%.

Identified true and false positive matches are always fed back to the Digital Identity risk profile, ensuring the accuracy of the risk profile is improved with every single review.

Our identity solutions allow your compliance teams to work more efficiently and effectively. Calibrate your risk-based approach, apply your risk appetite to a digital identity, and empower your systems to make automated, binary risk decisions. Free your compliance team to focus on those customers where they can make a difference.

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On-going KYC and Risk monitoring

Subscribe to a digital identity risk profile and enjoy ongoing KYC and risk monitoring in real-time, 24x7x365.

Our event-based approach ensures your organisation is notified of any change in an identities risk profile. With risk profiles being constantly re-assessed every 15 minutes, our solutions ensure your risk-based approach is always applied to every customer, ensuring your customer base is within risk appetite and that you always remain compliant.

For greater control and seamless integration into back-office systems, leverage the ID Crypt Global FinCrime API and event-based notifications. Pull KYC and all risk-based profile data into your CRM or case management tools, further improving your compliance teams productivity.

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Cutting the cost of KYC, AML, Risk and Compliance

We believe the first point of cutting costs of KYC, AML, Risk and Compliance is to be totally accurate. Our identity solutions use fully automated and cryptographically verifiable data to ensure data is as accurate as possible. This level of accuracy allows us to build a complete risk profile automatically, making it available to your business immediately.

Fully automated systems deliver significant operational efficiencies to both ID Crypt Global, and your business. ID Crypt Global has no need for manual data entry or manual verification process, which means we can provide the most powerful KYC, AML, Risk and Compliance solution available at a fraction of the costs. The cost savings continue, as your business is also able to enjoy accurate data and automated processes.

No matter the size of your business, our digital identity solutions with Risk Profiling ensure you meet your compliance and regulatory requirements, fast and at a significantly reduced price point.

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RCA Coverage
Our PEP profiles are built with a major focus on Relatives and Close Associates (RCAs). RCAs includes spouses, partners and children, to give greater insight into the risk associated with the ID Crypt Global identity.
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Sustainable finance

Using digital identity to understand eco-credentials across the supply chain
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ESG as part of your KYC

ID Crypt Global believes that Digital identity concepts can be used to prove attributes, not limited to a traditional sense of identity. As such, ID Crypt Global is invested in bringing verifiable credentials to supply chains, enabling banks to assess a customer's "green credentials".

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Carbon negativity

ID Crypt Global runs its entire operations in the cloud, with our chosen Cloud provider becoming carbon negative as of 2030. As such, utilising ID Crypt Global services and digital identities helps your organisation do the right things for the environment.

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