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Put customers at the heart of our digital world. Issue your own verifiable digital identities
Collection of identitiesDigital identity is not one thing, there should never be a "universal" digital identity, rather identity is made up of a collection of identities. It's important to therefore operate within an eco-system that is open and encourages other digital identities to be issued to an end user.
Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)ID Crypt Global is part of the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) community and movement, as a steward, ID Crypt Global is able to help your business become part of that identity ecosystem.
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IDC Agent

Subscribe to our developer portal and gain access to our rich SaaS APIs, documentation on our SDKs and access to the IDC Agent, which enables you to build out and implement your own powerful SSI digital identity solution.

For those businesses which meet our eligibility criteria, ID Crypt Global will sponsor your IDC Agent in order for you to create your own digital identity definitions, issue credentials to end customers, and retrieve proofs when identities are presented back to you.

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