Get started with our API and SDK

Build your own Self-Sovereign Identity solution leveraging the power of the ID Crypt Global platform. Quickly integrate with ID Crypt Global identity services, including issuing your own claims, issuing private public key pairs and interrogating our KYC and FinCrime services. Remember with ID Crypt Global, an identity can be an individual, a business, a vessel or even an aircraft.

Allow Self-Sovereign Identities to seamlessly login to your digital services, no username, no passwords. Security is pushed to the “edge” with the identity owner being the security that you need.

Issue your very own digital identities or verifiable claims for a known identity. Use the same API to build out solutions that can utilise the power of DPKI (Decentralised Public Key Infrastructure).

Verify claims made by an identity quickly an easily. Integrate these into your line of business applications in moments.

Financial Crime Services
A single identity that helps your regulated business tackle financial crime. Services include continuous monitoring of identities against sanctions and pep lists, as well as using our powerful AI to scan for any adverse media. Receive notifications when an identity financial crime status changes, knowing that it is being checked every 15 minutes.

Build your own mobile experiences

Embed the ID Crypt Global SDK into your mobile experiences, allowing your app to generate and issue ID Crypt Global Identities. Build and issue your own identities and allow your users to login to other sites that support Self-Sovereign authentication.




Integrate SSI into your Line of Business Applications

The ID Crypt Global platform provides a containerised based API that can be quickly integrated into your line of business applications and processes.

How ID Crypt
protects you?

ID Crypt keeps your personal data and identity under your control. Use your Identity to with businesses, never sharing what isn’t needed and keeping it under your total control.

Digital identity is not just
for individuals

However, digital identity can be provided to anything that requires identification. This isn’t limited to just the digital world, rather examples can range from containerised software to actors on a network, websites to users, from a physical vehicle to even a landmark. A digital identity can now be provided for anything physical or virtual.

ID Crypt provides digital identity services primarily for:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Vessels
  • Aircraft
  • Try our demo app now

    The Id Vault demo app is in development and will be on its way soon to soon to help secure and protect your identity.