Self-Sovereign Encrypted Storage

Distributed | Private | Secure

With our Self-Sovereign Encrypted Storage service, any business, or individual, can now encrypt their sensitive files/content before storing securely with any popular storage service. Alternatively, ID Crypt Global also provides a secure storage facility if desired.

The Self-Sovereign Encrypted Storage service enables encryption keys to be generated by the user of the service, with these keys being stored locally securely within an IDC Agent (secure value installed in the cloud) or on an individual's mobile device, the IDC Vault app.

Self-Sovereign Encrypted Storage service brings new levels of security and protection to your sensitive files.

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Compatible with any file storage solution

Our Self-Sovereign Encrypted Storage Service encrypts your sensitive files and then allows you to store these encrypted files in any storage facility. Leverage your favourite file storage solution, such as Microsoft One Drive, iCloud, DropBox and Google Cloud while maintaining your personal encryption capability.

By encrypting files before they are stored, you add an additional security layer over the file itself. In the event of your file being leaked or your storage provider being 'hacked', rest assured that your file and its contents remain are safe, secure, and private.

ID Crypt Global also provides a secure storage vault as an alternative or additional backup store for your sensitive files.

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Encryption Key Backup and Recovery

Encryption keys that are Self-Sovereign are stored on your personal mobile device securely, or within an IDC Agent deployed in your own Cloud tenant. As such, if your mobile device is lost/stolen or your business IDC Agent destroyed, your encryption keys maybe lost.

However, rest assured, our Self-Sovereign Encrypted Storage service allows you to backup and securely store encryption keys within your own secure backup facility provided by ID Crypt Global. Here your encryption keys are secured and can only be accessed through a strict break-glass recovery process which allows you to recover these keys.

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