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Identity is not just for individuals, rather your business, organisation, charity also has an identity. At ID Crypt Global, we believe digital identity is for all, and that identity isn't just about what your business is, but also what your business does and critically, how your business does it.

With ID Crypt Global, your business can take control of every aspect of its identity. Receive and securely store identity Verifiable Credentials (VCs) that relate to what your business is, what it does, its memberships, affiliations, and qualifications while also demonstrating how your business does what it does with the IDC Sustainability Credential.

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IDC Agent

The IDC Agent is your business' digital identity secure vault. Available from within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, your business can get up, running and issued with its own Digital Identity in minutes

You may interact with the IDC Agent via its very own web interface, or for more sophisticated use cases, leverage its Open API. The IDC Agent is fully compatible with other Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) agents, such as the ACA-Py Aries Cloud Agent. The IDC Agent can interact with any other IDC Agent, or SSI compatible agent, within a Verifiable Credential (VC) ecosystem, not only brining the power of digital identity to your business but making it part of the very fabric of a global digital identity infrastructure.

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With 4 different editions of the IDC Agent, there is an IDC Agent that fits your business needs. Select our IDC Agent Standard Edition to access key features such as receiving your organisations verifiable digital identity, a public digital identity that your customers can use to verify your businesses identity and access your businesses very own Risk Profile.

Our IDC Agent Business edition allows your business to leverage both the KYC protocol and our unique identity to identity messaging capabilities - providing support for adhoc messaging as well as structured messages, such as SWIFT, FIX and ISO20022.

Our Enterprise Edition brings identity creation and issuance capabilities to your business along with the ability to utilise the ID Crypt Global patented Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure (DPKI) solution, DPKIps - a security infrastructure fit for central bank grade security key management and signing requirements.

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KYC Protocol

The IDC Agent with its KYC Protocol brings new levels of Due Diligence (DD) capabilities to businesses. For the first time ever, businesses can cryptographically verify another business via identity and KYC proofs. KYC proofs may also include unstructured DD related files, which are securely exchanged peer-to-peer in a matter of seconds.

Secure messaging capabilities between IDC Agent's adds further capabilities to the KYC Protocol. Request additional DD information peer-to-peer, receiving it securely over a peer-to-peer communication channel that links cryptographically all files / data back to the identity owner.

The IDC Agent with its KYC protocol is helping solve some of the worlds most complex aspects of KYC and Due Diligence, including the world of Financial Services and Correspondent Banking.

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