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How ID Crypt Global works

For Individuals
Id Crypt Vault
Create various digital identities and store them securely on your mobile,

ID Crypt Vault allows you to create your own powerful ID Crypt Global digital identities and receive these as cryptographically verifiable credentials. Store your identity credentials and personal information quickly, safely, and securely within your own mobile device.

ID Crypt Vault also allows you to receive and store identity credentials from other Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) issuers. Use the app to then share personal information quickly, safely, and securely, sharing only the minimum of information required.

With ID Crypt Vault, you own your digital identity, you control who you share it with, when you share it and what you share. With Vault, you are in total control of your digital identity and your personal data. It's your identity, keep it safe with Vault.

For Business
ID Crypt Global Identity Services and Agents
Safe, secure, compliant, seamless customer experiences

Identity isn't just for individuals; your business has and needs an identity too. With our IDC Agent, you can safely secure your own public digital identity in moments. Simply download the IDC Agent from within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace into a Cloud subscription. Create your own public digital identity and receive identity credentials for your business, you can even receive identity credentials related to your own ESG rating.

The IDC Agent allows you to go further, providing your customers with a quick, safe and seamless way of providing their identity while preserving their privacy. Simplify and even remove some compliance-based challenges, all by accepting trusted, cryptographically verifiable digital identity credentials.

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Built to delivery security and privacy

ID Crypt Global is a steward of the Sovrin foundation and follows the

ID Crypt Global is a steward of the Sovrin foundation and follows the 12-principles of SSI. At the heart of everything we build, the systems and services we provide is your security and your privacy.

ID Crypt Global aligns with international security standards such as NIST and ISO 27001. A decentralized public key infrastructure approach is taken to digital identity, ensuring there is no central body that holds identity information, this keeps your personal identity safer.

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Part of a community

The Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) community is committed to a digital identity infrastructure that ensures we all own our digital identity, that our personal identifiable data is not owned or shared by third parties, rather it remains under our total control. These principles also apply to the underlying digital identity infrastructure, which is run by the community and not one single organisation.

ID Crypt Global helps organisations understand the importance of a secure and private digital identity ecosystem and enables those that embrace these principles, to become part of the SSI movement. As part of the digital identity ecosystem, organisations can issue their own cryptographically verifiable identity credentials to customers, suppliers, partners, patrons, members even graduates and more…

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