It’s your identity, protect it

ID Crypt helps you take control of your digital identity and personal data, keeping it safe and secure and under your control at all times.
Create your very own unique ID Crypt lock for your identity, using your face, your voice and something only you know. Once created, you are ready to create your digital self, receiving your own ID Crypt Global identity.
Never again use a username, password or hand over your personal data. Login to websites, open bank accounts and apply for insurance, using just your ID Crypt Global identity, keeping your identity and personal data safe at all times, and completely under your control.

Create your and protect your digital identity with ID Crypt Global.
Use your digital identity to login to any website or online service using your ID Crypt Global identity. Never enter or share your personal data again.
Take control of your personal data, who you share it with and how you use it with the ID Crypt Global app.

Where to Use

Your ID Crypt Global identity is yours; you can use it wherever you see the ID Crypt Logo or where you are invited to connect using your Digital Identity or Identity app.
Your ID Crypt Global identity is as powerful as you are, so use it to open a bank account, apply for an insurance policy, register for gaming websites, go dating or use it to grab the best deal.


Open up a bank account in seconds, no application form, no username, no password, just a seamless experience that empowers the account holder, while providing the bank with greater levels of accuracy and reduced account holder risk.


Never fill in an insurance application form again. Share the necessary information in sub a single second, while providing your new insurer with more accurate information.


ID Crypt operates its digital identity services effectively by providing a Decentralised Public Key Infrastructure (DPKI). Read more here on how ID Crypt DPKI can help with security.

How ID Crypt
protects you?

ID Crypt keeps your personal data and identity under your control. Use your Identity to with businesses, never sharing what isn’t needed and keeping it under your total control.

Digital identity is not just
for individuals

However, digital identity can be provided to anything that requires identification. This isn’t limited to just the digital world, rather examples can range from containerised software to actors on a network, websites to users, from a physical vehicle to even a landmark. A digital identity can now be provided for anything physical or virtual.

ID Crypt provides digital identity services primarily for:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Vessels
  • Aircraft
  • Try our demo app now

    The Id Vault demo app is in development and will be on its way soon to soon to help secure and protect your identity.