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Security and identity are inextricably linked

At ID Crypt Global, we believe that security and identity are inextricably linked. To deliver security capabilities fit for the 21st century, you need highly personal security capabilities - based on digital identity. To provide highly trustworthy identity, you need exceptional KYC, AML and highly secure privacy preserving technology.

Here at ID Crypt Global, we build highly trustworthy identity and security solutions, fit for the digital economy of today and the decentralized web of tomorrow.

Learn how we use the principles of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) to deliver new levels of security for a variety of use-cases. From financial service transactions, to the fight against disinformation.

Digital Identity for all industries
Identity | Powerful Onboarding | KYC, AML & FinCrime Compliance

We automate your KYC and onboarding processes in just seconds. Our state of the art, up-to-the-minute KYC, FinCrime and AML software allows you to fully automate onboarding processes, while at the same time, ensuring all your compliance needs are met.

Our digital identity solutions help your business identify, acquire, onboard, manage and retain more customers. Digital identity is bringin a revolution to these industries:

We believe in digital identity solutions that are privacy preserving, safe and secure. As such, we believe in a self-sovereign identity (SSI) solution, where the identity owner has total control of their identity. See the 12 principles of SSI.

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How identity works

Building an identity of your customers is as easy as ABC

Remember, if your client already has an IDC Vault App on their mobile device, then it's just one single step, the client shares their identity!

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Identity you can trust

Real-time biometric ID&V

Our biometric technology matches user-generated selfies and video, cryptographically with government issued records and documents. All done in under 20 seconds.

KYC, AML & FinCrime Compliance

Our technology delivers a complete, up to the minute accurate risk profile of the customer. Our risk profile is smart too, updated every 15 minutes it even alerts you to changes in the underlying profile once onboarded as a customer – delivering the ultimate ongoing KYC solution.

It just works

With a background in providing systemically important solutions and infrastructure, we understand systemically important needs, so our software is always on, always available, highly secure, and ultra-resilient. It automatically updates, keeps you ahead of your compliance regulations and keeps you cyber-safe too.

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News and blog

Make sure you keep up to date with all the latest news, thoughts and developments on privacy, security and identity.

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