Secure Contextual Bi-lateral messaging

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Discover and Verify

Before creating a secure communications tunnel, peer-to-peer, our Secure Contextual Bi-lateral messaging solution allows you to discover and verify the recipient / sender of any message. Both parties that form the secure bi-lateral communication tunnel are cryptographically verified, delivering cryptographic proof that both parties are indeed connected to the desired party.

As part of the discovery service, your business will also set a context with regards to the connection being made. Contextual messaging is particularly powerful when multiple communication channels are required.

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Immutable storage

All messages that are exchanged across the Secure Contextual Bi-Lateral messaging service are cryptographically signed, ensuring authenticity but also immutability of the message. Messages are stored within the service itself for a configured retention policy but may also be exported and archived for storage and audit purposes.

Messages that are exported from the service can be additionally cryptographically signed, proving the authenticity, original and the immutable nature of the message post it being exported.

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Integrate with your back office systems

Our Secure Contextual Bi-lateral messaging solution provides a powerful Open API, allowing for easy integration into your back-office systems, improving operational efficiency and performance.

Alternatively, you may select low code and zero code integrations with Microsoft Office tools such as Teams and Powe forms. These integrations allow seamless experiences and use of the Contextual Bi-lateral messaging capability while remaining in your favourite user experience / application.

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