Simple verified customer on-boarding

Seamless, fast, verified customer KYC that removes customer friction. Reduce drop-offs, improve customer conversion rates and simplify your regulatory requirements.
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Fast, simple, and compliant. Our state of the art verification technology is highly robust, resilient and ensures only genuine identities hold an ID Crypt Global Digital identity.

Onboarding using an ID Crypt Global digital identity can be as simple as a one click experience for your customers, while providing you with a more secure and trustworthy form of identity verification.

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Reduce drop-offs

No more filling in forms, for your customer, it's just a single click, and that reduces customer abandonment.

Be operationally efficient

Reduce your back-office admin, paperwork and manual processes, allowing your staff to focus on the things that matter most, servicing customers.

Reduce fraud

Our solution uses cryptographically verifiable data only, allowing us to deliver a greater than 99% reduction in identity theft - helping us and our customers in the fight against digital crime.

Quick set-up

Getting you up and running is a simple and quick process. However, if you want to drive greater efficiency in your back-office, then our support engineering teams can help you integrate identity into any of your back-office processes.

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Identity and Verification you trust

We use leading cryptography technologies coupled with state-of-the-art biometrics to ensure the very highest levels in confidence of your KYC and customer identity. For highly regulated businesses, we take this trust further, by providing oversight of our identity verification and issuance processes.

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Liveness detectionOur anti-spoofing liveness detection capabilities tackles the risks associated with AI deepfakes and fraudulent account opening processes. We use this technology to link and lock the biometric output model to the customer.
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Document verificationWe cryptographically verify identity documentation, such as a government issued passport. By cryptographically verifying they document and identity, with the Government issuer of the passport, we ensure authenticity of the both the document and identity owner, significantly reducing the risk of fraud.
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Biometric model verificationWe match the user's liveness detection against biometric images cryptographically stored within the government issued document. We repeat this cryptographic verification process on our servers before passing you confirmation of identity.
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Accurate dataIdentity data is captured directly from the government issued document, and cryptographically verified. As a result, you can have 100% total confidence and trust in data accuracy.

More than just identity

Our Identity solutions support more than just pure identity and verification, rather our digital identity includes information from multiple sources that links back to an identity. We do this with cryptographic verifiable credentials.

A cryptographic verifiable credential can hold any information that links back to an identity. For example, proof of ownership of a specific email address. This type of credential will hold data that can be cryptographically proven to show that an identity owns a specified email address. Other credentials include an identities proof of address, an identities right to work and an identities right to rent.

Cryptographic verifiable credentials allow any data to be securely linked back to an identity, expanding the scope, flexibility, power, interoperability and capabilities of our identity solutions.

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Our pricing

Our pricing couldn't be simpler. You pay a single monthly flat fee per customer that you onboard using an ID Crypt Global Digital Identity.

That means you don't pay for data extraction, you don't pay for liveness detection, you don't pay for document authentication, verification of users, authentication, biometric models or any other additional checking services.

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