Secure Bi-Lateral file transfer

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Our Secure bi-lateral file transfer solution allows any file of any size to be securely transferred directly between two parties. Our solution does not require an intermediary or temporary storage of your file. The solution streams the file from the sender directly to the recipient, where it immutably stored with the recipient's own environment.

The bi-lateral nature of the solution ensures that only the recipient can receive the file and only the recipient and sender have the security keys in order to open the file. Files transferred over the solution are totally immutable and are stored immutably.

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Discover and Verify

Secure Bi-Lateral file transfer uses our Secure Bi-Lateral Messaging technology, ensuring that a secured communications tunnel is created prior to sharing any files. As part of the Discovery service. both parties that form the secure bi-lateral communication tunnel are cryptographically verified, delivering cryptographic proof that both parties are indeed connected to the desired party.

Once a contextual bi-lateral secure messaging tunnel has been established, files maybe shared and streamed directly between the two parties.

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Immutable storage

Files that are shared are uploaded to your own immutable storage container within our solution. When streamed between the two parties, the receiving party has the file immutably stored within a secure storage location.

The secure storage location security model is independent to the service, providing maximum security flexibility on sensitive file storage.

The service uses an immutable storage location, ensuring that files received are always tamper proof.

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Integrate your back office systems

Our Secure Contextual Bi-lateral file transfer solution provides a powerful Open API, allowing for easy integration into your back-office systems, improving operational efficiency and performance.

Alternatively, you may select low code and zero code integrations with Microsoft Office tools such as Teams and Power forms. These integrations allow seamless experiences and use of the Bi-lateral file transfer service, while remaining in your favourite user experience / tool.

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