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We believe that the most effective security solutions are those that do not rely on centralized infrastructure or authorities. By leveraging decentralized, digital identity and zero trust models, our security solutions provide organisations, and market infrastructures, with highly powerful, highly effective, and highly resilient security capabilities.


Self-Sovereign Security

Many challenges with security arise due to the nature of centralized security models, be these in the form of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions, or centralised platforms that act as intermediaries or service providers. In contrast, we believe that security should start with the entities that require the security solution - this has led us to developing our Self-Sovereign Security approach to all our security solutions.

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DPKIps is our patented technology [Patent Application Number: 2213147.8], used to secure communications and messages. The solution was designed for the toughest of requirements, protecting systemically important payment systems and financial market infrastructure, but can be applied to any solution or platform.

DPKIps not only secures and authenticates messages but also, delivers cryptographic immutability to messages and their storage. This immutability coupled with cryptographic proof of the message origin, is critical for proving tamper proof capabilities to auditors and to law enforcement.

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Authentic Media Protection (AMP)

Our patented Media IP authentication solution [Patent application number: 2319791.6] ensures that media files, and any file for that matter, can have its originator / owner / publisher verified, and that the file has not been tampered with, effectively making it immutable.

Our technology tackles problems associated with disinformation on the internet, image and video files being stolen, image and video files being modified, AI deep fakes and content being uploaded multiple times to web based platforms or social sharing sites.

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Secure Contextual Bi-lateral messaging

Our secure contextual bi-lateral messaging solution allows organisations, for the length of a messaging thread, to create secure encrypted bi-lateral communication tunnels immediately. There are no third-party hosting sites or ID Crypt Global acting as a messaging service, rather the solution allows true bi-lateral messaging.

Bi-lateral messaging tunnels are contextual based, with our solution allowing multiple contextual tunnels being created and used simultaneously. Each message tunnel is uniquely encrypted and secured, with each tunnel supporting multiple threads of communications.

Our Secure Contextual Bi-Lateral messaging solution also has the capabilities to ensure messages are totally immutable, even when stored in third-party storage solutions. This capability is critical when dealing with auditors or law enforcement.

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