Authentic Media Protection (AMP)

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Sign and Protect

AMP allows an owner/publisher of a media file, image or video, to cryptographically sign and therefore protect the file. Any file can be cryptographically signed using the owners/publisher's digital identity. The powerful signature ensures that the file can be verified, in terms of its owner/publisher, but also that it has not been modified since its publication.

For content creators/publishers, always cryptographically signing media files protects your brand and your content from being miss-used for the purpose of disinformation, but also to protect your files from modification and to help protect against copywrite infringement.

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Verification tools

To verify a file authenticity, origin, publication date and to prove that it has not been modified, AMP delivers a range of free to use verification tools.

Verification tools are available on most web browsers as an extension. The verification tool allows any file to be selected and a verification and authentication overlay displayed. The verification tool provides information on the owner/publisher, the publication date and confirms that the file has not been modified. If the file has been modified or the owner/publisher cannot be verified, then the verification tool illustrates that the media file is not authentic and should not be trusted.

Verification tools can also be installed directly into your website/social platform.

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Get started

AMP is an available component within the IDC Agent, a cloud-based software component that you can download and install within any Microsoft Azure tenant.

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