Enhance travel security and ease passenger experiences.
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Enhance security

Use cryptographically verifiable credentials coupled with strong biometric confirmation to enhance your security. Biometric controls are linked directly to the traveller's physical government issued passport, even link back to risk profiles, such as Sanctions lists and PEP identification.

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Improve check-in flows

Enable smoother check-in flows, linking travellers' passports and their boarding information to a singular cryptographically verifiable proof, which is only released based on a biometric match with the traveller's passport.

Link additional verifiable credentials to the proof required in order to enrich the check-in process further, for example, confirmation that the traveller does not have "flu" or that they have a valid "Covid" passport. Incorporate wider health passports if needed - all available via a singular tap of the traveller's device against another NFC enabled device.

Issue other credentials to travellers once they have check-in, be that a tokenised passport for their journey or a door key to their room.

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Verified passports

Each ID Crypt Global digital identity passport is linked directly to the data found on the traveller's government issued passport.

The linking of the travellers passport to their digital identity has been cryptographically verified along with a liveness biometric match of the traveller and the passport.

Verifiable identity passports ensure travel businesses, such as airlines and cruise providers, have significant improved control over knowing who their passengers are while improving security checks.

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