It’s your identity, protect it

It’s your identity, protect it

Keeping your data private, under your control and managed
One Identity? No, identities
Learn why identity is about having multiple identities. Learn the benefits

Though you will be issued with your ID Crypt Global identity, it shouldn’t be your only digital identity. The ID Crypt Vault application allows you to be issued with many different identities from many different issuers – each with their specific uses.

One Identity
Identity domain

We should all think of identity as a collection of identities. When you look through your physical wallet/purse, you will notice that everything you hold (except for cash) can be viewed as an identity. This means right now you hold multiple identities, and your wallet is the domain in which they live. A driving license, a local coffee shop loyalty card, a gym membership, credit card and your bank card are all forms of identity. In the digital world, this concept should not be lost. You will therefore be issued with many forms of identities from many different providers, just as you are in the physical world.

Identitiy proofs

Many third parties will request a proof of your digital identity. Think of a proof as a collection of attributes/claims about yourself (your identity). You have total control on what claims you wish to share with the third party, with this information coming directly from your Vault app, NOT from ID Crypt Global servers. Whenever you share data, Vault will record what you shared and with who. You are in total control, always.

Privacy matters

We strongly believe in multiple identities because it protects your privacy and your personal data. Having different identities makes it harder for criminals to correlate data about you, increasing your security and safety.

Where to use your digital identity
Learn how and where you can use your digital identity

Digital identity is becoming a more common and usable right across the digital and physical world. You can use your digital identity with websites, marketplaces, banks, insurance providers, gaming companies and various physical world stores.

We are working hard at ID Crypt Global to ensure that your digital identities can be used with a wide array of companies, and that more companies will become issuers of digital identities.

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