Seamless verified customer on-boarding

Accept verified identities, removing all customer on-boarding friction. Even for regulated businesses.
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Fast, simple, and compliant. Our state of the art verification technology is highly robust, resilient and ensures only genuine identities hold an ID Crypt Global Digital identity.

Onboarding using an ID Crypt Global digital identity can be as simple as a one click experience for your customers, while providing you with a more secure and trustworthy form of identity verification.

How it works for your business

The ID Crypt Global digital identity presents claims and attributes about its owner which are cryptographically verifiable. The data presented removes the need for you as a business to re-capture it from the customer. This includes information required to meet strict regulatory KYC obligations. This is not only a more secure form of onboarding, it also provides the customer with a seamless experience.

Each ID Crypt Global digital identity comes with a complete risk profile, this includes real time monitoring for sanction list matches, PEP identification, adverse media and AML. Regulated businesses can be provided with oversight of how ID Crypt Global issues identities.

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How we verify an identity and issue the ID Crypt Global Digital Identity

Our issuing process is highly robust, using the latest cryptographic technologies coupled with state of the art biometric and liveness capabilities. The result is a customer identity and verification that you can trust.

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Liveness detectionEach identity is biometrically locked based on our anti-spoofing liveness detection capabilities. This ensures we have biometrically locked an identity based on a real person, not via a photo, mask or bot.
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Document verificationEach ID Crypt Global identity is constructed from a verifiable document, such as a government issued passport. The document is cryptographically checked based on the issuing governments cryptographic public key. This ensures the document is genuine.
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Biometric model verificationWe match the user's liveness detection images against the image stored cryptographically within the government issued document. Models are compared to ensure the document is owned by the user.
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Accurate dataAll data that forms the claims and attributes of an ID Crypt Global digital identity is taken directly from the document NFC chip. This ensures an easy to use experience with no need to input data for the customer, but also ensures data is 100% accurate as we ensure the cryptographic signature of that data.

Additional identities

ID Crypt Global supports the issuance of other verifiable credentials. These include, but are not limited to, proof of email ownership, proof of address, right to work, right to rent, CRB and many more. Each additional check results in an additional ID Crypt Global digital identity. Each identity is distinguishable based on the schema and definition of that identity, providing you with greater flexibility, power and accuracy over your checks.

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Our pricing

Our pricing couldn't be simpler. You pay a single monthly flat fee per customer that you onboard using an ID Crypt Global Digital Identity.

That means you don't pay for data extraction, you don't pay for liveness detection, you don't pay for document authentication, verification of users, authentication, biometric models or any other additional checking services.

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