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Improve customer experiences and deliver better customer outcomes. Remove GDPR challenges and strengthen your KYC and AML capabilities. Leverage DPKI to combat cybercrime.
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True Digital Transformation

Digital transformation within the financial services sector still starts with an analogue customer onboarding journey. With ID Crypt Global and digital identities, this journey can start in a true digital fashion.

Customer onboarding becomes a true digital automated workflow, providing you with all the necessary FinCrime controls and output to make a binary yes/no decision. For the customer, onboarding becomes a single click experience.

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Risk profiling

Request the information you need from your customers digital identity, including a complete risk profile, knowing that the data presented is cryptographically verified and biometrically matched to the customers passport. Understand the total risk profile, including Sanctions Screening, PEP identification, AML and Adverse media checks.

Financial service customers can take a position of oversight of ID Crypt Global policies and procedures in verification processes, the issuing of a digital identity and the processes of providing cryptographic proofs.

ID Crypt Global digital identities are not just for retail customers, they can also be used for businesses and organisational scenarios, including onboarding businesses/organisations facilitating correpondent banking 2.0 relationships.

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Automated processes

Digital identities allow financial institutions to apply risk models to a digital identity risk profile, enabling automated binary decision making in almost all cases. These automated processes enable financial services risk and compliance departments to focus on edge cases, ensuring they work more efficiently and effectively.

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Streamlining your digital banking capabilities

Streamline your digital processes with ID Crypt Global. Contact us to find out how we are working with financially regulated institutions and what digital identity can do for you.

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