Verifiable customer data and zero knowledge proofs

Each digital identity that is stored within the ID Crypt Global Vault app contains cryptographically verifiable customer data. This makes it simple for a customer to prove their identity, while providing you as a business with cryptographic comfort as to the accuracy of the data presented.

As a business, you can request confirmation of customer data without ever needing to request the data itself, this is known as a “zero knowledge proof” (ZKP). For example, you need to know a customer is over the age of 18, the proof would cryptographically prove this without sharing with you their data of birth.

Data and zero
APIs, SDKs and plugins

This integration method allows you to quickly build solutions that take advantage of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and ID Crypt Global Digital Identities. Our SaaS offering comes complete with a developer portal providing documentation on our SaaS APIs and reference to our SDKs.

Apis, SDKS and plugins
ID Crypt Global Cloud Agent

You can build your own powerful Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions using the ID Crypt Global Cloud Agent. The Cloud Agent coupled with our Agent SDK provides you with all the flexibility you require to interact with and issue your own digital identities. This is the most powerful way of building out highly scalable, flexible digital identity capabilities across your entire business and services you provide, both in the digital world and physical.

Apis, SDKS and plugins
Our Authentication pricing models are simple.
APIs, SDKs and Plugin
APIs, SDKs and PluginSimply pay a single flat fee per customer per month.
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ID Crypt Global Cloud Agent
ID Crypt Global Cloud AgentPay either a monthly flat fee or based on each API call.
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