Verifiable customer data and zero knowledge proofs

Each digital identity that is stored within the consumer ID Crypt Vault app contains cryptographically verifiable credentials (customer data). This makes it simple for a customer to prove their identity or claims about their identity, such as their age. Cryptographic Identity Proofs provide your business with indisputable evidence and confidence of the data being presented.

As a business, you can request confirmation of customer data without ever needing to request the data itself, this is known as a "zero knowledge proof" (ZKP). For example, you need to know a customer is over the age of 18, the proof would cryptographically prove this without sharing with you their data of birth, or any other information. This protects the identity owner and you the business.

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SaaS and IDC Agent APIs

ID Crypt Global identity solutions are highly configurable, all of which expose a standard based Open API for application integration. Businesses can select our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based offering, which is designed to help build out simple identity based capabilities. Our SaaS service is also used to deliver identity risk profiling and FinCrime capabilities. For more sophisticated use cases, businesses are recommended to download and implement the IDC Agent, available for use on any cloud-based infrastructure. Our developer portal delivers a rich resource in terms of both documentation on SaaS based APIs, but also access and information on the IDC Agent.

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IDC Agent

Build your own powerful Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions using our Aries (ACA-Py) compatible cloud agent. Chose one of four editions, Community, Standard, Business or Enterprise, all of which are available from the Azure Marketplace and can run on any Cloud platform. The IDC Agent interacts with any SSI compatible ecosystem and provides a rich business application for implementation of identity based solutions, such as Identity and Age Verification.

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Our Authentication pricing models are simple.
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IDC AgentPay a monthly flat fee based on your chosen IDC Agent edition.
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