Decentralised Public Key Infrastructure (DPKIps)

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DPKIps is our patented technology used to secure communications and messages. DPKIps has been designed to handle the challenges of security for our most critical infrastructure, that of Payment Systems and Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs), though it can be used to secure any form of message.Unlike a centralized Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which relies on a small number of trusted Certificate Authorities (CA) to be the root of trust, DPKIps utilises a consensus algorithm operated over many different machines and replicated by many different entities in a decentralized (blockchain) network.
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The problem with PKI

PKI has long secured the internet for us, it has long secured sensitive communications, it has long secured payments that flow from bank to payment system, and payment system to bank. But it is far from the nirvana of security. PKI comes with significant security challenges and concerns. It brings cumbersome operational processes, it brings challenges in operational security, resiliency and it brings significant costs to those systems that wish to utilise it.

As our lives become increasingly digital it has become clear that a centralised PKI is no longer fit for purpose, that it doesn't work in a world of web 3.0 and it is no longer appropriate to secure some of our most critical infrastructure, that of our payment's infrastructure.

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The solution, DPKIps

DPKIps builds on our work within the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) community and our commitment to digital identity for all. SSI utilises a public blockchain, that nobody owns, but everyone can access. The blockchain allows the reimagination of the root trust model, placing confidence and trust in science and mathematics as opposed to a handful of small companies. We use this method to aid in the identification and verification of entities and to then enable the automation of key generation and sharing.

Our vision for DPKIps is to help improve operational efficiency, resilience and above all, the security of critical infrastructure across the globe. [Patent Application Number: 2213147.8]

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The result is a cryptographic ledger of immutable records. Each entry into the blockchain is signed by the DPKIps originator, which is ID Crypt Global. Where necessary, decentrazlised identifiers (DIDs) are created to allow for records to in the blockchain to be addressable / discoverable. DIDs are not rented from a service provider, rather they are issued and cannot be taken away from the controller of the associated private key. DID is a standard from the W3C.

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New security models

ID Crypt Global DPKIps enables organisations to implement security models that remove the dependency on a CA, bringing added security, greater efficiency, and drastic improvements in the availability of services.

Talk to us about your security needs and learn how ID Crypt Global DPKI security services can secure your solutions while significantly removing operational overheads and costs.

What is DPKIps

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