Retail and leisure
Allow your customers to “check-in” to your store, simply by tapping the mobile device or logging into your website using their digital identity.
Provide seamless check-out capabilities and remove friction from the customer buying journey.
Retail and Leisure
Form lasting customer relationships

Customers can connect their digital identity to your store, allowing you to form longer lasting relationships, and build new forms of customer loyalty. Open up new communication channels, push and receive messages directly from your customers.

Form lasting customer relationships
Age verification

Verify your customers age simply by enabling them to tap their phone against an NFC compatible device, such as another mobile phone. In doing so, they share a cryptographic and biometrical verifiable proof, giving you 100% confidence that the customer is over a certain age.

Age verification
Take identity-based payments

Taking payments can be an expensive part of doing business. As we move to digital identities and a world of Open Banking, ID Crypt Global identities can link their banking credentials to their digital identity. This enables digital identities to make payments directly to your business, dramatically reducing the cost of fees associated with taking a payment.

Take identity based payments
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