Our health status can be captured as a digital identity. By issuing credentials relating to our health status, we as individuals own our identity health. Healty credentials can be smoothly checked and cryptographically verified whenever necessary.

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Issue cryptographically verifiable credentials that confirm a specific vaccination has been issued to an individual. These can include a validity period of the vaccination, enabling verification to confirm if the received vaccine is still valid.

In these times of pandemic, cryptographically verifiable vaccinations credentials linked to digital identity could form the basis of breaking the chains of infection.

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Test results

Issue test results as verifiable credentials. By issuing test results in this way, individuals may present these to a consultant or health practitioner later. No longer does an individual have to wait for results to be sent between health professionals, rather they can take them with them to their next consultation.

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Health records

A patients health history is something that is commonly requested, be it applying for insurance, changing doctors or prior to an operation. The more of our health records that are issued as verifiable credentials to the patients that they relate to, the easier it is for patients to share the relevant information when required - without the need of costly health service administrative processes.

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