Why IDCrypt

ID Crypt is a unified platform that provides immediate secure access to the world’s foremost distributed digital identity infrastructure.

What do we offer?
As a Person

We offer you the ability to create and manage a secure Vault.

Locked inside is your true Digital Identity. Only YOU CREATE it, only YOU MANAGE it and most importantly, only YOU SHARE it!
It is hidden behind the most robust biometric verification technology ensuring only YOU CONTROL it. You can use this Identity to login to websites and share your details, for a range of services, from opening a Bank Account to veryfing yourself on a Social Media platform.

As a Business

ID Crypts’ SECURE vaults REMOVE the personal data from your systems

ID Crypt offers the ability to tackle the GDPR challenges head on and helps your business remain compliant at all times.

Using ID Crypt you can relax and enjoy having minute by minute ACCURATE data on your customer and feel secure in knowing that the claims being made are trustworthy due to the VERIFIABLE credentials issued by ID Crypt.

Best in class SECURITY is protecting your customers at all times.

ID crypt makes the experience seamless, from onboarding to login to notifications, we make it all a breeze!

As a Regulated Business?

With ID Crypt issuing the identities, meeting your REGULATORY and COMPLIANCE needs is SIMPLE.

ID Crypt helps you to protect your REPUTATION and insure you COMPLY with all regional sanctions lists, AML and CFT requirements.

Due to ID Crypts identities and the checks we undertake it will provide your business with greater INSIGHT and greater global coverage with REAL TIME VERIFICATION of new risks and continuous updates.

With ID Crypt identities there is no need for the VERIFICATION CHAIN, typically found in Regulated businesses. Typical processes are COLLAPSED as all the verifiable data is being held by the Identity owner.

ID Crypt provides verifiable claims for all aspects needed in order to tackle FINANCIAL CRIME. These claims can flow between parties used in the payment flow, from the customers direct institution relationship, through to that institutions clearing and settlement bank and even through to correspondents and beneficiary banks, all without sharing any personal details or causing GDPR challenges.

Try our demo app now

The Id Vault demo app is in development and will be on its way soon to soon to help secure and protect your identity.