On-going risk monitoring


Of government regulatory and law enforcement watchlists


Ahead of the official source email


Monitoring updates

Global capabilities

All ID Crypt Global Identities are monitored every 15 minutes, 24x7x365. Comprehensive sanctions list coverage, coupled with our structured enhanced PEP profile screening ensure your ongoing compliance with AML/CTF regulations, with changes in identity risk status being raised as a notification to you in real-time.


PEP profiles checked for updates


Insights with better coverage


Guided and assured by risk experts

ID Crypt Global provides your organisation with the oversight model it needs to trust how identities are issued. No longer “rely on trust”, you can interrogate ID Crypt Global identities and ensure these are in-line with your own risk-based approach, removing operational processes and significantly reducing the cost of compliance.

ID Crypt Global Sanctions and PEPs Coverage

Fuzzy matching

With identity data that can be trusted, our requirement for fuzzy matching is drastically reduced. However, fuzzy matching allows us to enhance and optimise our searching and matching capabilities to still yet further reduce false positives.

Instant updates

Big data capabilities coupled with our deep machine learning and AI provide confidence in screening against the cleanest of AML data.
Data analysts perform continued ongoing audits on existing sanction lists providing you with total comfort. Our approach enables the monitoring of more data sources, identifies risk signals more effectively and considerably quicker than traditional methods.

Structured Profiles

Having the right context empowers the right AML risk decisions. We use comprehensive profiles with the most up to date Adverse Media and information on Plitically Exposed Persons.

RCA Coverage

Our PEP profiles are built with a major focus on Relatives and Close Associates (RCAs). RCAs includes spouses, partners and children, to give greater insight into the risk associated with the ID Crypt Global identity.

Adverse Media


Articles read per month covered


profiles updated everyday


countries and territories

Comprehensive profiles

A single comprehensive profile comprising of all known relevant risk data on an entity is coupled with contextual information, such as pictures, date of birth, location and media articles.

Automatic updates

We leverage the capabilities of world class engineers in the field of deep machine learning and AI to monitor tens of thousands of risk events from several million media articles, each and every single day.

Classification accuracy

Filter on categories that are only relevant to your business. This is made easy by our accurate labelling of categories within our profile data associated with an identity.

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