Reduce the cost of compliance

ID Crypt Global provides a global cloud native platform for true digital identity and identity related services, including KYC, ongoing KYC (oKYC), sanctions, PEP, RCA and adverse media screening. ID Crypt provides regulated organisations with a simple Compliance-as-a-Service subscription model for all identity related services, enabling the business to re-imagine identity, authentication and FinCrime processes.

Customer on-boarding

Seamless on-boarding with next to zero requirements to capture typical customer information. The ID Crypt Global platform enables Self-Sovereign Identities to present and share the necessary data with you, so they can be onboarded in a true frictionless fashion. For those business cases where additional information is required, your customer need only supply that specific data – which in-turn is associated back with their identity so that you do not have to re-ask or verify this data in the future.

With an ID Crypt Global issued identity, even regulated businesses can onboard customers and make binary decisions, without the need for any additional data being captured or back office operations. Use cases include applying and opening a bank account, opening a gaming account or apply for insurance. For more information on how ID Crypt Global identities meet risk and compliance needs.

Authentication services

No longer store usernames, passwords or other authentication related data – rather push your digital security onto edge devices and the identity owner themselves. With ID Crypt Global deliver frictionless multi-factor (MFA) and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant experiences – that your engineers need not build.

ID Crypt Global uses biometric locks coupled with a Distributed Public Key Infrastructure to ensure the greatest levels of security are applied to, and for, your business and your customers.

GDPR compliance

Remove customer personal data completely from your systems while remaining compliant, even within regulated industries. Request access to and even projections of data, but there is no need, no matter your business, to take and store personal information again.

Take advantage of trusted verifiable “claims” with Self-Sovereign Identities, providing you with greater data accuracy regarding, who your customer is, but without the data liability of holding that associated personal data.

Put control firmly in the hands of your customer regarding how their data is shared, how its managed and the relationships they wish to keep.


Access the power of true digital identities and the ability to provide auditable data to regulators if and when required.

Quick verification

Quickly verify an entity with the ID Crypt Global verification services and companion application. Simply request verification or tap the identity owners mobile device. Verification is carried out instantly and an auditable record and relationship form. The ideal solution for challenging age verification or entry into a venue.

HR Services including DBS

Ensure your staff have ID Crypt Global Identities, allowing you to know exactly who your staff are with verifiable KYC based data. For regulated businesses, ensure your staff members are monitored 24x7x365 for Sanctions, PEPS, AML and Adverse Media matches and include DBS checking services where applicable.

Obfuscate personal data for payroll, while issuing claims to identities so that they may access financial services more easily due to confirmation of employment and salary banding.

Decentralised Public Key Infrastructure Solutions

There are many services and solutions that require the use of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). However, placing dependencies on Central Authorities (CA) can hamper your resilience and drive costs upwards, even if you wish to build your very own PKI solution.

With ID Crypt Global, you can take advantage of a true Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure (DPKI) that is fully compliant with W3C standards – providing you with far cheaper and yet more secure and resilient solution.

Risk and Compliance
(KYC and real-time financial crime insights)

ID Crypt Global identities provide 3 comprehensive levels of KYC, simplified, standard and enhanced. Each and every single identity is checked and verified against physical documentation and linked back to their specific biometric based data. Our state of the art facial and voice cognitive services ensure identities are protected at all times, but also that identities can be verified and authenticated with certainty.

ID Crypt Global identities are checked against multiple data-sources, and then monitored 24x7x365 against Sanctions and PEPs lists, while monitoring for any related adverse media.

Learn more on our Ture Digital Risk and Compliance services

Digital identity is not just
for individuals

However, digital identity can be provided to anything that requires identification. This isn’t limited to just the digital world, rather examples can range from containerised software to actors on a network, websites to users, from a physical vehicle to even a landmark. A digital identity can now be provided for anything physical or virtual.

ID Crypt provides digital identity services primarily for:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Vessels
  • Aircraft
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